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The transparent mini curtain Provilla is the luxurious and lighter version of the SOLO shutter. It consists of transparent panels of slim aluminium profiles and 3mm solid polycarbonate. Provilla has an unrestricted view of 90% and has an important advantage: the rollup diameter is very small and fits in standard mini-rollingshutter boxes.  A shutter with a curtain height of 2000mm will fit in a box 20cm and a curtain of 3000mm fits in a box 22.5cm.The curtain weight is 5,8kg/m2.
The aluminium profile is standard available in technical natural anodised TNA. The polycarbonate is available in crystal clear, opal white, bronze and structured. Provilla will be produced up to a width of 300cm and operates on a tube of 70mm.
Provilla can be ordered as a standalone curtain or as complete shutter system with guides, tube, motor and box in standard RAL colours of mini shutters. The applications are diverse, like counters, desks, receptions, wardrobes, shop-windows and display cases.

Megalook® Provilla®:


measurements head plate size Provilla transparent shutters.

Aluminium profile: 18 x 10mm
Aluminium guides: 53 x 23mm and 66 x 23mm
Execution: technical natural anodised TNA
height/ boxsize
tube 70
height max:
2000 →
3000 →
4000 →

In case of difference of measurements, please contact MEGASEC bv.


Profile drawings MEGALOOK PROVILLA pdf formatAcrobat pdf
Provilla Specs